Eat insects , why not you ?

Unusual and fun, edible insects to bite as an aperitif or cook as you wish. Surprise your friends with all kinds of worms , crickets , beetles , ants, crickets, scorpions ...

Commonly consumed by almost 2 billion people in the world , insects are prized for their flavor and nutritional qualities.

High in protein and low in fat , they are considered as a real alternative food by the UN. All the more reason to enjoy today 's diet tomorrow!

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Salma Hayek mange un insecte

Nombre de commentaire : 0 Vous connaissez Salma Hayek ?  Mais si vous savez cette superbe actrice mexicano-américaine qui a joué dans Bandidas et Desperado entre autre. Voilà… j’ai l’impression que vous vous en souvenez mieux maintenant et que j’ai toute votre attention Hé...
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