Introduction to the breeding of locusts for human consumption

The breeding of locusts can be done at home with a little planning and by following these tips carefully. It requires little space and little financial investment, except at startup to create the vivarium.

Locusts are not very difficult to breed insects they need a moderate heat. The ideal temperature for breeding is changing fast 25 ° and 18 ° day night. Their livestock emits no harmful substance (as opposed to pig for example), it is therefore in an ecological framework.
Many farming techniques exist, here is a proven.


Get crickets

You can opt for the wild harvest (locusts are many in countries where the population suffers from malnutrition) or choose to elevate yourself locusts at low cost. This is the solution that is needed in many Western countries, polluted by pesticides and the countries of the north to temperatures too low for them to grow into viable conditions.
The two species of crickets most often high in herpetology are Locusta migratoria and Schistocerca gregaria.


Provide adequate material

- A medium-sized aquarium that you métamporphoserez terrarium
- Fine sand (available in pet stores, the aquarium radius)
- A bag of potting soil (in gardening)
- A board in which you will make 4 holes 8 cm
- A plastic bottle cut to 8 cm
- Two spots halogen 12V 50W
- 1 transformer
- A piece of aluminum screen
- Paper towels
- Some dried branches
- An aluminum screen
- A scheduler


Installing the terrarium: user manual

1 / You will lay out the paper towel in the bottom of the terrarium can more easily remove feces locusts.
2 / You will mix sand and compost together (same amount) then you will have this mixture into the pot that you place in your terrarium.
3 / Then you install the branches.
4 / You will place spots in height.
5 / You will cover the ventilation holes of the aquarium with a net aluminum (nylon, it would be too soon devoured by locusts).
6 / You will install the transformer aquarium
7 / Remember to put occasionally insects front of a window or in a garden, daylight is beneficial to their growth.


Caring for locusts

Food Locusts are large but also wheat grass consumers (gramninés). If you miss the grass, you can occasionally substitute the mince or apple pieces.
Health vivarium: you think to clean 1-2 times a week, replacing the paper towel.
NaissancesLes small take ten days to hatch. If the parents are fed enough, they will not attack the young larvae.


The benefits of entomophagy

If millions of people on earth consume insects it is not a coincidence: they are good for health but also for the ecology. They are found in many Asian and African cuisine. The migratory locust is excellent for consumption. His diet is very profitable and beneficial for future consumption of man: it transforms the grass they eat a nutritional protein and protein very important value very well.
"There's 20 years, no one knew entomophagy in France. Today, people know that insects are rich in protein and good on the gastronomic map. We advance, "says Bruno Comby, a precursor to eat bugs in France.
Saw the end of fishery resources (particularly due to fishing), cricket seems to be the future of dietary, environmental and cheap food. The livestock, besides being pollutant also requires a high consumption of oil, which is expensive.
Perhaps with algae, crickets, boiled or fried steaks are the future: do we expect burgers locusts, insects / fries ordered on the thumb, lunchtime.