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Our company

Our company was born in 2009 following a trip made in Thailand where I discovered a new diet. In this country, eating edible insects is a very normal practice, unlike in Europe. Bugs are even considered to be a very rafined delicacy. 

And when sitting in the plane for the return trip, the idea came to me to promote such a diet in Europe too. Soon after that, I was setting up my firts eshop, offering customers a wide variety of different edibles bugs to french consumers. Our main goal at the time is still the same today. Trying our very best to promote entomophagy, its many benefits and everything it stands for on a continent where bugs suffer from a very bad reputation.

Our team of competent & 

Our website is maintained by a young, experimented and dynamic team of people very deftly mixing different abilities. Be they marketing specialists, agro-business experts or even experimented web developpers, our team is at your full disposal to answer any of your questions. Our office is actually composed of 6 permanent employees and several temps. This kind of small scale business gives it a very human feel, still allowing us to retain a vision. A vision of the future, of modernity and of our goal, helping the world transition to a new form of sustainable diet.



As you might already have surmised, our company hopes to help promote environmental issues and the solutions to solve them. Especially those pertaining to industrial and livestock farming. The kind of effects and repercussions livestock farming exert on the environment are dire, contrary to farming edible insects. This is also what our website stands for : we are a company promoting a healthy and sustainable new way of feeding an ever growing population.