The bet has been won !

"Before fixing a drink for some friends, I decided to introduce them with entomophagy, or eating bugs. Being an adept for many years, I wanted to surprise them a bit. So I called ' to organize a hosting in order to discover and taste edible insects. Their first reaction was exactly as I expected. Funny faces and a bit of disgust. Some were tempted and ended up liking them and others soon followed. The host/organizer gave very clear and relevant explanations and the tasting was a real success. Of course , everyone didn't want to participate, initially, but eveyone left happy to have tried."

It was a really great and original idea. Thank you for letting us try some edible bugs

"It was really great and original. Thank you for letting the website coming over to our supermarket. We did finally discover what all the hype is about during a hosting of edible bugs in my 'Auchan' supermarket".

It was for the bachelor party of my sister.

"Everyone expected a stripper, so when the host arrived with his edible insects on a plate, everyone looked at me speechless. The atmosphere was great all night long, everyone involved and my sister even thanked me and said it was really original. Thank you..."